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Our USA tours offer endless opportunities to connect to this varied melting pot of colorful lands complete with tropical beaches, National Parks, Colonial villages, antebellum charm and more.

Sunset over the Teton Mountains and Snake River at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming
Grand Teton National Park

Welcome to the United States

Quite simply – the United States... coast to coast is an amazing destination to explore. Our journeys are a reflection of the vivid landscapes and hidden gems in our constantly amazing national parks with their red-rock canyons and blue-tinted ice fields... our local experts who continue to tell their stories and help define what our country is built on, a true blending of cultures... and the unique one off's... Newport mansions, the BEST fall foliage, antebellum architecture, Hawaiian luau's, sophisticated cityscapes each with a vibe all their own, Colonial villages, celebrated artists; think Norman Rockwell and so much more.

North America's National Parks

Tauck and the National Parks... working together for more than 90 years

Our relationship with National Parks in the US and Canada goes back to our very first tour in the 1920s. Today, we continue to combine ingenuity, years of expertise, local friends we've made along the way, and our love of the National Parks to create new ways for our guests to experience them. At last count, Tauck visits more than National Parks, monuments and historic sites across the US… from Acadia to Zion, in destinations ranging from Maine to Hawaii... often including Tauck Exclusive experiences within the parks, and stays at sought-after inside-the-park accommodations. We pride ourselves on providing unique insider access to these special places in ways that make sharing them with your friends and family unforgettable.


America's own tropical Pacific paradise... welcome to the Hawaiian Islands

There's only one place in America where you can walk atop surreal lava tubes and across volcanic terrain molding island landscapes… bask on golden sand beaches fanned by Pacific Ocean breezes on every side… chat with beach boys who "talk stories" at a place called Waikiki… and enjoy a luau under the tropical sun. And although it is indeed a far-off tropical island paradise, it's still very much one of these United States. Welcome to Hawaii…

The Great Lakes

Discovering the mighty Great Lakes

Situated in the heart of the North American continent and forming part of the natural boundary between the United States and Canada, the mighty Great Lakes – Lakes Michigan, Superior, Huron, Erie and Ontario – have played a pivotal role in the political, industrial and cultural fabric of North America for centuries. In 2019, Tauck launches a new 12-day small ship cruise – "Cruising the Great Lakes: Chicago to Toronto" – featuring a 7-night voyage between those two mighty cities aboard the new Le Champlain, plus two-night stays at your choice of Fairmont or Four Seasons hotels in the anchor cities. As you explore the shores of Lakes Ontario, Erie, Huron and Michigan, check out a re-emerging Detroit; celebrate American ingenuity at The Henry Ford; have lunch at Mackinac Island's Grand Hotel; ride a dune buggy on the Lake Michigan shore; tour Chicago's Wrigley Field and more…

New England

Home to America's "cradle of liberty," Ken Burns's backyard, and the setting of Tauck's very first tour

Occupying the northeastern corner of the US, it was among the first areas of the North American continent colonized by Europeans, and contains the sites of the Pilgrims' landing, the "Boston Tea Party," and the "shot heard 'round the world" – the first skirmish of what would become the American Revolution. Comprising dense forests and rich river valleys, rugged coastlines, and mountain ranges with names like Berkshire, Adirondack, White and Green (to name a few), it encompasses the states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine. It's a land of lovely beaches, country lanes, summer cottages, tall ships, covered bridges, old whaling ports, fishing villages, white frame churches, picturesque lighthouses, and "lobstahh," It is New England…

Mackinac Island, Michigan

Step back in time on Michigan's Mackinac Island

Vehicle-free Mackinac Island – off the Michigan coast in the Straits of Mackinac connecting Lakes Michigan and Huron – has been a popular retreat since 19th-century industrialists built imposing summer "cottages" here, and remains serenely lost in time. The only way to get around is by foot, bicycle, or horse-drawn carriage, as you make your way past impeccable Victorian mansions and out to the fringes of forest, marshes, beaches and 19th-century Fort Mackinac. The island is home to the palatial Grand Hotel, which lays claim to the longest porch in the world. Since 1887, the Grand has hosted many presidents, as well as the likes of Mark Twain and Thomas Edison (who first demonstrated his phonograph on the hotel's iconic porch).


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Vast legacies of historic and natural treasures are explored across the US with Tauck on journeys that consistently rank high in guest satisfaction... from the tropical paradise of our 50th state to the world's first national park, Yellowstone National Park... from the footsteps of the American Revolution to the timeless lifestyle of the American cowboy... from Polynesian traditions to the inspiration of 19th-century US novelists... discover them on the following journeys. And take a look at one of our newest journeys, a small ship cruise exploring the cultural legacies along the amazing Great Lakes.

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