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Floriade Expo 2022

A once in a decade event, Floriade is the world's fair of horticulture, abloom with fragrant flowers and greenery from all over the globe. In 2022, Floriade comes to life in a technicolor tapestry of trees, plants, crops and flowers from 40 different countries, each representing new technologies and prized plantings for sustainable greenery, architecture, food, energy and healthy living. Themed exhibits, art, live entertainment and culinary treats add to the festivities to make your visit here a highlight of your trip – included on select Rhine River cruises. Contact your travel advisor or call Tauck to reserve your preferred date.

Floriade 2022

Highlights of your visit to Floriade

A visit to Floriade is a feast for the senses with emerald cities dressed in natural designs, a floating tree forest, fragrant flowers and scented fruit trees, expert insights by horticulturists from around the world, tastings of international fare and garden-grown produce, and hands-on exhibits for personal green thumb discoveries. Explore 148 acres of garden-graced landscapes themed with green as you discover an urban arboretum steeped in nature to nurture the future – included on the river cruises featured below.

See what it takes to grow a green city

Learn how trees, plants and grasses can help urban cities thrive and remain safe, healthy and attractive for a greener future.

The theme of Floriade 2022, Growing Green Cities, takes shape in a vibrant urban arboretum reclaimed from the sea and repurposed to showcase innovative green solutions where cities and nature meet. In the Green Island District, you will find a living catalogue of greenery, donated from growers across the Netherlands and countries around the world, alphabetically ordered and purposefully planted with demonstrable roles for the future of our cities. During your visit, you can stroll through garden graced landscapes rooted with coniferous and deciduous trees, hedges and grasses, flowers, fruit trees and aquatic plants as you see, taste, smell and feel the contribution they make to a healthier world.

Enjoy a taste of the future using sustainable gardening practices

Discover new technologies and solutions for growing food, naturally and sustainably, as you meet experts who share insights about this living laboratory with you.

Sustainable food production is an important goal of Floriade's green city theme. You'll discover new ways to grow crops, vegetables and fruit trees using creative agricultural and horticultural practices as you view exhibits that work with nature to feed our cities. See demonstrations in food-production, waste, safety and food security and learn more about state-of-the-art, science-based solutions that produce a diverse range of foods adapted to local conditions and regional markets. Tastings of locally produced fare will enhance your experience!

Discover how greenery promotes a healthy lifestyle

From the air you breathe to the water you drink and the ground you walk on, greenery plays a big part in keeping you healthy, physically and mentally.

The contribution of green structures and green spaces to a healthy living environment will become second nature as you explore Floriade. From promoting clean air, water and soil to providing an ever-green home for people living in our cities, everything you'll experience at Floriade 2022 is designed for healthy living. After the Expo, the Floriade site will be redeveloped into Hortus, a 660-house residential area that will border and thrive on the green areas of the arboretum. Hortus in Latin literally means garden, a fitting name for this emerald city of the future.

Learn how green cities are energized with renewable resources

Energizing the city, the renewable energy resources in play at Floriade include new inventions for generating, storing and saving energy.

Sustainable and renewable energy solutions are indispensable for the green cities of the future and are especially critical in meeting the energy requirements of a growing population. Dedicated to finding workable solutions to energize cities without negatively impacting the environment, Floriade Expo 2022 will present a variety of new inventions for generating, storing and saving energy in working exhibits that truly energize the green city you will see here. Meet the experts as you learn the latest about new energy resources.


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