Never Settle For Ordinary

Enjoy amazing experiences you could never have on your own... together with your family... and create shared memories that will last a lifetime

Never Settle For Ordinary
Jasper National Park


With everything families experience when they travel with us, our Tauck Bridges family trips are so much more than guided vacations. Our guests have described Tauck Bridges as the trip-of-a-lifetime, life enriching, awesome, amazing, unforgettable, and, one of our favorites from the kids themselves, totally cool.

We're delighted to hear that… because our family created Tauck Bridges specifically for families to share meaningful moments together for memories – and stories – that will last lifetimes.  We designed our trips to:


Inspire wonder…
flightseeing over Rainbow Bridge, on a cruise to the Galápagos Islands…

Spark a passion…
for French cooking, Irish step-dancing, Peruvian pottery, medieval history

Create understanding…
in a Maasai village, at a school in Costa Rica

Enhance learning…
on a treasure hunt in the Louvre, after-hours at the Vatican Museums & the Sistine Chapel

Strengthen values…
rainforest conservation, volunteering

Build bonds…
with each other, with new friends, with different generations, with people from other cultures

Be fun…
zip lining, rafting, hiking, kayaking, rope climbing, dancing


Travel has the power to change lives and give everyone the opportunity to feel a part of something truly bigger than themselves. Come along with us on a Tauck Bridges family journey… the world is waiting!

We give you access to something extraordinary, every day… Our family has been traveling the world for more than 90 years. So we know a thing or two about the destinations we include on our trips. We work hard to find experiences that truly embody the heart and soul of the places you'll visit, from great hotels and must-see sights to those hidden gems and hands-on activities that make all the difference in an extraordinary vacation experience. We include everything you dreamed of seeing in the destinations we explore and added fun things you didn't expect… and couldn't do on your own.

Natural wonders, up-close and personal… Picnicking in Ngorongoro Crater, swimming with sea lions in Peru, hiking on remote Galápagos islands, riding atop a glacier on an Ice Explorer

Hands-on traditions… Spear throwing in Tanzania, chocolate-making in Costa Rica,  step-dancing in Ireland, strüdel-making in Vienna

Local introductions… Cowboys in La Camargue, rodeo riders in Wyoming, Amish families in Lancaster County, school children in a Maasai village, sled dogs in Alaska

Insider events… An after-hours visit to the Sistine Chapel, a gala dinner at a private Viennese palace, an art history lesson in Florence, lunch at a private ranch in Peru's Sacred Valley

Interactive fun… A cooking class with dinner in Ireland, pétanque in a French riverside village, horseback riding in Bryce Canyon, panning for gold in Alaska, river rafting in Banff, mountain biking in the Swiss Alps

We refer to our extraordinary experiences as Tauck Bridges exclusives… but the families who travel with us call them "wows."