Private Departures

Reserve a private departure on one of Tauck's iconic land journeys around the world. Share the exclusivity of your own Tauck tour with your hand selected group of friends & family. Tauck offers you the unique opportunity to travel with only your favorite group of people, enjoying legendary experiences and signature Tauck moments, hosted by your own dedicated Tauck Director.

Private Departures
Sorrento, Italy

Frequently Asked Questions


Private Departures FAQs

Are private departures available on all of your tours?

Currently we offer private departures on 40+ land journeys in North America and Europe. Stay tuned as we'll be continuing to add new private departure dates to our Exotic destinations and Bridges family tours.

Find our complete list of Private Departures here.

What is included in the price of a private departure?

  • Final payment for all 2020 Tauck land tours and cruises is now due 45 days prior to departure, instead of our standard final payment terms. We have extended this date to enable you to make the best personal decision with regard to your planned trip as close to your scheduled departure date as possible.
  • All cancellation penalties will be frozen at the current tier and will not increase prior to final payment. Under the terms of our standard cancellation policy, guests incur cancellation penalties based on tiered time periods, with fees increasing as the departure date draws near. Under our amended policy, cancellation fees will remain frozen at the tier that currently applies to your scheduled departure and will not increase prior to the 45-day final payment date. By freezing cancellation penalties, if you purchased Guest or Cruise Protection and cancel your trip before your final payment is due, the cost of the Guest or Cruise Protection fee is Dreamsaved. If you did not purchase Guest or Cruise Protection, the cost of your deposit will be Dreamsaved. In either case Dreamsaved funds are available for you to use for future travel*.
  • If you cancel your booking within 45 days of departure: to offer additional peace of mind, Tauck has now lowered penalties for cancellation to the most lenient tier inside of final payment as referenced in the grid below. Any penalties assessed will be placed into a Dreamsaver account along with your protection plan premiums*. Normally, those cancellation penalties (and Protection plan fees) would be completely forfeited.
    Guests with
Cruise / Guest Protection Product
Guests without
Cruise / Guest Protection Product
Time to Departure 46 Days or More 45-1 Days 46 Days or More 45-1 Days Riverboat
Cruise Protection Cruise Protection
+ 25% of Fare $1100 CAD 50% of Fare Small Ship Cruising
Cruise Protection Cruise Protection
+ 25% of Fare $1700 - $2100 CAD 50% of Fare USA & Canada Land
Guest Protection Guest Protection $450 - $650 CAD 25% of Fare Manitoba:
Polar Bear Adventure

Guest Protection Guest Protection
$875 CAD 25% of Fare Europe Land
Guest Protection Guest Protection $750 25% of Fare Africa, Asia,
South America

Guest Protection Guest Protection $450 - $1250 CAD 25% of Fare


* Dreamsaver funds are non-refundable and must be redeemed toward travel to be completed by 12/31/2021.  Dreamsaver funds can be applied to any Tauck purchase.

Do private departures include a dedicated Tauck Tour Director?

Yes.  An experienced Tauck Director will travel with you and handle all day-to-day details, everything from hotel check-ins to dining arrangements to your daily activities & more.


What is the minimum # of guests recommended on a private departure?

Private departures typically have a minimum of 10 guests.


Are itinerary changes available on private departures?

Tauck journeys are carefully curated and choreographed from start to finish.  Given the complexity and pre-planning required, customization of daily activities, routing, and experiences is not possible.  Your private departure will follow the published itinerary as described on Tauck.com. 


How do I book a private departure?

Please contact your preferred travel advisor or speak to Tauck at 800-241-1365. You may also send your inquiry to:  privatedepartures@tauck.com